3D Metrology

We offer a full array of Metrology solutions to meet your needs. HS&S carries the biggest names in Metrology including: Micro-Vu, Nikon, NanoSystems, Renishaw, Kreon. Please contact us for more information or to discuss the best technology to meet your specific needs.

Solutions we offer include:

Micro-Vu Corp designs and manufactures precision measuring machines for dimensional inspection. Since 1959, Micro-Vu has shipped more than 35,000 Multisensor, Vision, Video, and Optical systems. They're known for providing reliable, fast, and easy-to-use measuring machines.

With vision, laser, and touch sensor capabilities, machines can measure hundreds of dimensions in minutes.

The Micro-Vu line includes:

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or contact us to discuss the best Micro-Vu solution for your specific needs and requirements.



Nanosystem provides solutions and measurement systems for non-contact surface measurement and inspection. 

NanoSystem Technologies include:

  • White Light Scanning Interferometry
  • Sub-Angstrom Level Metrology Solution
  • LCD and Display In-line Measurement/Inspection
  • Semiconductor and PCB Measurement/Inspection
  • Glass Inspection
  • Ausomobile Parts Measurement/Inspection

Visit NanoSystem's website for a full listing of their products we offer.



Renishaw is one of the world's leading engineering and scientific technology companies, with expertise in precision measurement.

We offer Renishaw's:

Popular Renishaw solutions we offer include:

  • Nikon CMM with Renishaw SP25 Scanning Head
  • Renishaw PH20 infinitely variable 5 axis Probe head
  • Renishaw XL-80 Laser System and QC20 Ballbar

Visit Renishaw's website for a full listing of their products we offer and contact us for help finding the best solution for your specific needs.