Specialty Machine Tools

Please contact us for help in finding the solution that best meets your needs. 



Finepart makes premium machines for ultra precision manufacturing. Their machines use micro abrasive waterjet for drilling, cutting, milling and turning.

Visit their website or contact us to learn more about their precision waterjet cutting machines.


PEM Technologies

PEM Technologies LLC, set the standard for excellence in electrochemical machining of complex parts made of stainless steel, tool steel and other alloys. Their unique process allows you to repeatedly achieve excellent surface finishes. The PEM Process can accommodate production runs of all sizes and machine multiple parts at the same time, helping you realize significant gains in productivity and quality.

Visit PEM Technologie's website to learn about their products and contact HS&S for help in selectiing the solution that best suits your needs and requirements.


HS&S Machine Tool & Metrology

We'll soon be offering a variety of Vertical and Horizontal Rotary Grinders in addition to our breakthrough VersaTurn II. Please contact us for more information and product release dates.

The HSS Series of Vertical and Horizontal Rotary Grinder
• Horizontal CNC “Blanchard” Type Rotary Grinders in 500, 600 & 800mm sizes
• Vertical CNC Rotary Grinders in 300, 500, 800, 1000 and 1200m

HS&S VersaTurn II
A compact Bar-type Vertical Turning Lathe specifically for turning Green Ceramics: 22” diameter table(300 RPM). The Retractable Bar stoke is 16”(excellent to getting into small bores and rings). Its sub-Z axis is 16” with a fully enclosed rotary table area, integral Powder Evacuation System and easy to use Siemens 282D Control.

Please contact us for more information and product release dates.